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For over a decade Pyrenees Trees have been specifying the use of mulch to improve the health and vitality of trees and plants with great long-term results. Good quality tree mulch (as opposed to some commercial tan bark or coloured mulch) provides a range of advantages for trees, plants and soil that include:

  • Improved moisture retention.

  • Improved soil structure over time.

  • Improved environment for beneficial soil fauna such as worms.

  • Improved microbial environment with slow release of nutrients.

  • Natural decompaction of soil.

  • Better environment to promote essential tree and plant feeder roots.

  • Improved tree and plant health to resist pests and disease.

  • Improved tree and plant life expectancy.

  • Aids tree and plant recovery from stress, injury or disease.


  Tips for mulching around trees:

  • Best to use good quality aged mulch that appears rich and friable.

  • Never apply too deeply – an 8-10cm layer is enough.

  • Apply to as large an area as possible around the tree (to the drip-line of the canopy).

  • Avoid pedestrian or vehicle traffic on mulched areas.

  • Never use wood chips from diseased trees or recently chipped living trees without aeration, ageing or inoculation.

Types of Mulch

All mulch is not the same. Types of mulch include, Wood Chip Mulch or Bush Mulch that is well aged and appears organically and structurally diverse – lots of different particles in both size and colour. Ideally it should look something like a natural combination of wood chips and potting mix.
If using plant mulch such as hay, sugar cane mulch or mushroom mulch, ensure it is free of pests and disease and will not introduce unwanted weeds or disease into your garden. Avoid using coloured bark mulch as this offers little organic value to trees or plants.

Wood Chips Mulch

Pyrenees Trees can supply Wood Chips Mulch and Bush Mulch of different ages and types. We can recommend the type of mulch most suited to your tree and garden needs. All our mulch that is inoculated by a natural heat process and we only offer mulch for sale from trees and plants that were free from disease.

Garden Mulch

Garden mulching can reduce the labour and chemicals required for watering, weed and disease control. We can supply different types and grades of garden mulch suited to the plants and trees within your garden beds.

If you would like to purchase, or have any mulch enquires, please call; 
0409 517 064

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