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Tree Services

Unfortunately, trees do have a finite life span. So removal of dangerous or non-treatable trees is necessary.

Pyrenees Trees skill and tree removal experience, together with our OH&S compliance, make us the company of choice for many clients when large trees or hazardous trees need to be removed. All tree removal operations are dangerous.

You should note that accidents from under-trained, uncompliant or uninsured tree companies can expose you to injury, property damage and possible legal claims. 

Our professionals can remove any size tree using the latest tree climbing techniques, rigging, cranes or towers.

Tree Felling

Tree removal via tree felling is not as simple as you might think.

Many people have been killed due to poor felling techniques and many assets have been destroyed or damaged by tree felling that went wrong. At Pyrenees Trees we have strict training and use only approved tree felling methodology. We have the tree skills and training to ensure that if trees are felled they are done so safely. If your tree cannot be felled, a common form of tree removal is by…

Tree Dismantling

Tree dismantling is the process of bringing an entire tree to ground in small sections.
Pyrenees Trees are experts in tree dismantling and immense care is taken in planning the tree dismantling process and size and methods by which the parts of the tree will be carefully brought to ground. We pride ourselves on our care for your safety and assets, so trees are always brought to ground with great skill using superior tree lowering techniques and tree equipment.

Hazard Trees

Assessing trees for their health and safety is an important duty of care for all tree owners and property managers.
Pyrenees Trees can assist by undertaking documented tree hazard assessments on all trees. 
We can identify potential hazards in trees and recommend specialist tree works actions to lower your tree risks.

Tree Stump Grinding/Removal

Pyrenees Trees offer a range of specialised stump equipment and techniques for efficient tree stump removal or stump grinding. Stump Grinding provides clear area after your tree is removed for either building, paving or replanting.

Stump Removal also prevents continued regrowth or reduces the chance of tree disease spread.

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